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A switching relay is an electro magnetically driven switch. It is a simple but very effective component for analoque as well as digital circuits. Lately more and more electronic switches are used like transistors, thyristors and triacs.

Electronic relay switches with these components are also known as solid stat relays. In some cases three phases are switched and with only one control signal three contacts for the three phases of an engine are operated.


Product range

Wesemann has this type of products in its range for many years now. For electrical installation service providers as well as product designers these relays are ready for use in all kinds of applications like PLC control boards or industrial panels. Any different type of mounting with or without cradle is available.


Wesemann works with the following partners for these products:

  • Make Iskra (from Slovenia):
  • panel mounting
  • pcb mounting
  • industrial application
  • tele communication application

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