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LED2 initiative lamp current monitoring

Initiated by the Dutch government all provinces and related institutes started monitoring the operation of all signal lights on bridges, water height management systems and other so called wet infra elements.

By monitoring these traffic lights it was easy to find each malfunction of any signal. At first these signals were equipped with the old fashioned light bulbs. The current used by this light was measured and when this current disappeared there was no other conclusion possible than failure of the light bulb. After the development of LED in traffic lights the Dutch government renewed
this initiative with LED lights.


Light bulbs

Wesemann developped a series of light monitoring devices for light bulbs. Also the transformers were supplied for the light bulbs. These monitoring devices came in two versions, single monitoring and triple monitoring device.



The single monitoring devices is easy mountable on a DIN rail. The triple monitoring device is easymountable in a 19" rack.


Light bulb to LED

LED followed the old light bulb as the new standard. By using LED according the Dutch LED2 initiative the amount of needed power is strongly reduced. Also night, fog and daylight settings are available for improved signal light. One of the most enhanced features is the one on one exchange of the old monitoring device to the new LED monitoring devices.


DIM transformer

Wesemann also supplies the so called high efficient dimming transformer equipped with three fixed output voltages for daylight, fog and night settings. Also standard is the compensation setting for long distance cabling.



Like the single old light bulb monitoring unit the new 4160 series is also mountable on DIN rail.
The similar is possible with the triple monitoring unit for 19" rack mounting.

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