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Current transformers

Current transformers are used in many different applications. By converting high currents to measurable
signals accepted by PLC 10-24mA current transformers are mostly used.

Transforming 10A to 10mA is possible on offshore platforms or similar applications. Very specific applications like
converting from 10.000Amps to 10Amps casted in resin requires a different approach and different materials with
different expertise.

Wesemann has its partners for specific current and voltage transformers (CTs and VTs):

Wesemann make:
- customized solutions
- industrial, shipbuilding, offshore and traction industries
- regular E/I core based transformer with an accuracy up to class 0.5

Make: RS Isolsec (France)
- fully customizable casted in resin ct and vt systems
- expert in medium voltage and high voltage ct and vt systems
- GIS integrated current transformers for substations (EDF - Energy de France certified)
- industrial, utility and shipbuilding industries

Make: LEM (Switzerland)
- current and voltage transducers
- industrial, traction and automotive applications
Wesemann is a LEM approved distributor in the Netherlands and in Belgium for LEM products and holds stock for
the most common items.

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