Transformer innovators since 1945


As the first South Korean developer of a 154kV UHV transformer in 1969, followed by a 345kV UHV transformer and a 765kV EHV transformer, Hyosung has served as a big contributor to the nation's industrial growth.





Hyosung's transformers are the output of successful technological independence gained through constant acquisition and application of sophisticated technologies. The products are all of the highest quality and reliability that meet both South Korean standards such as KS and ESB, as well as international standards, for instance, IEC, ANSI, IEEE, NEMA, BS, JIS and JEC.


Production scope:

110kV ~ 765kV core type transformer (capacity up to 3ph 2000MVA)
110kV ~ 765kV Shell type transformer (capacity up to 3ph 2250MVA)
110kV ~ 345kV Shunt reactor


Special purpose transformer:

- Shunt reactor
- Scott transformer
- SF6 gas transformer
- Furnace transformer
- Mobile transformer




Gas Insulated Switchgear

Hyosung designs and manufactures a wide variety of SF6 Gas-Insulated-Switchgear (GIS) system to satisfy customers' specific substation requirements. Hyosung believes in giving you the highest quality system at a reasonable price. Hyosung's units are currently installed in urbanized areas and built near industrial areas, including underground power substations in large commercial buildings, switchyards of power plants and new or expanding substations.

Hyosung prides itself on the ability to design and manufacture GIS that is 100% compatible with your exact specifications. Hyosung designs and constructs a wide variety of high voltage SF6 GIS ranging from 28.5kV units to 800kV units, with short circuit ratings up to 63kA. All of Hyosung's equipments comply with IEC, ANSI, IEEE and other international standards and it has shipped to customers all over the world.

Special features


- High reliability

Features enhanced insulating properties and reduced long term operational costs by means of sealed metal enclosure filled with SF6 gas assuring first-rate reliability.

- Compact design

Possesses extensive experience in designing optimum phase and feeder spacing dimensions according to site conditions. This results in compact dimensions that reduce space requirements to less than 20% of conventional air insulated substations.

- Safety

Ensures personnel safety by earthed enclosure, numerous interlocks and lockout devices and provides greater stability during earth quakes with a lower centre of gravity.

- Elimination of periodic maintenance

Virtually eliminates long-term maintenance costs and contamination of critical components by means of SF6 gas-filled metal enclosures, automatic monitoring of operating mechanisms and SF6 gas system.

- Efficient installation

Reduces installation time and costs since assembly is performed in the factory and shipped in one complete bay.

- Environmental compatibility

Minimizes operation noise to make it advantageous for urban and suburban indoor substations. Also eliminates radio interference problems.



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